Excerpts and Chopped Chapters

“You’re a new author I’m not familiar with. What is your writing style like?”

Glad you asked. Here are a few sample chapters that were popular with readers.

Prologue (that unfortunate day that affected George forever)

Chapter 16: When George and Beethoven Meet (talk about a bad first impression)

Chapter 20: The Music Contest at Prince Lobkowitz’s Palace (take THAT, Steibelt!)

Chapter 27: Ludwig and Josephine (excerpted)  (the beginning of their love story)

Chapter 68: Chester takes George to the Thompson Plantation (excerpted) (the truth behind the loss of Thompson Plantation)

It breaks every author’s heart, but killing our darlings, as Stephen King once advised, is necessary for a story to be told as succinctly as possible. This chopped chapter precedes the Prologue—what happens to George’s stepfather, Robert, a religious man, when he discovers the truth about his wife, adopted son—and that wolf, Beethoven.