Readers Speak

Here’s what my readers said about My Interview with Beethoven.

OMG! This book was so exciting to read. It not only took me on a journey to meet the great Beethoven and George, it has so much imagery in it, I felt like I was in Vienna and other worldly places. You are an amazing writer. I could see this novel as a movie, at some time. I would not be surprised. So much emotion, love, hate, challenges and sadness that my brain was taxed with information that could only come from years of research. Good job!!!  Hopefully you are working on a second book. I can’t wait. This is a real winner. ~ Laurie

The least I can say is, I’m impressed beyond words. [The author] created a masterpiece. I know it’s a book I’ll read again. ~ Pauline

For me, the strongest aspect of this novel is clearly its plot… the really excellent pacing and momentum and drive. I think your novel possesses it in abundance. The whole thing — the characters, their situations, the action, the nature of the times, etc. — somehow contributes to the overall drive toward a resolution. And what really makes the novel compelling on that level is the kind of thing [Peter] Brooks often talks about: that is, the overwhelming sense that larger forces are at work here…The heart of the story, the literal interview with Beethoven, is thoroughly engaging and totally satisfies the “this is what I came for” element of reading…The parting of George and Beethoven is so warm and valedictory and satisfying. ~ Tom

You’ve done an excellent job of creating an interesting protagonist and taking him through the adventures leading to his encounter with Beethoven.  Clearly you put your time with the Beethoven tour to good use in setting scenes and conveying impressions of life in Beethoven’s Vienna…it was engaging and well-written…I thought your allusion to the C-minor Opus 30 violin sonata was very evocative and portrayed the tempestuous nature of [Hannah’s and Robert’s] relationship.  ~ Donna

All I can say is, brilliant writing. I smelled, heard, sensed and felt excited to be a witness to the [Lobkowitz] contest. Bravo! I found George and Beethoven to be very likable. In fact, I felt a great deal of affection for both. They were people who lived by their passions. This not only made them interesting but also fun to read. Above all else, this book is fun. I can find no better compliment than that. ~ Richard

It has been a thrill to read the book and be part of your process. I’ve finished reading and rereading and am completely in love with George and have renewed my love for Beethoven. I feel you have given me a gift; I’ve listened to more of his music in the last few weeks than I have in years!  ~ Sherrie

First off let me say, thank you for letting me read this manuscript!  I loved it. I think I was so excited to begin that I read too quickly.  I could NOT turn the page fast enough. I was actually  late for a meeting because I was so caught up in the book.  I feel like after reading this book, I know Beethoven not only as a creative genius, but as a human being fraught with stresses and whims.  Thank you for bringing such a noted figure to life! ~ Julie

 The research that went into this just blows me away. This novel is very, very, very well done. ~ Courtney